How Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Became One of Hollywood’s Biggest Success Stories

• Gabrielle Union decided to stop chasing specific success and asked for more joy, peace, and grace
• She and Dwyane Wade have faced numerous challenges in their relationship, including fertility struggles, ex-spouse dramas, and a brief separation
• Their relationship is filled with love, mutual respect, honesty, and they support each other’s growth and aspirations

Here is what happened:

Gabrielle Union’s refusal to accept the status quo has set her apart from the crowd. She has been vocal about her struggles with comparison and how she actively worked to change her mindset, shifting her focus from specific desires to requesting more joy, peace, and grace. Her marriage to NBA champ Dwyane Wade has withstood significant challenges, including a lawsuit from his ex-wife, miscarriages, and a brief pre-engagement split. Despite their tumultuous journey, they remain a power couple, continually supporting and celebrating each other.

In an unsurprisingly candid move, Gabrielle Union revealed her struggles with fertility and miscarriages, expressing that her body has been tied up in trying to conceive via IVF cycles for three years. She made it clear that the topic is off-limits for inquiry, instead choosing to only address it if there is a significant update. Her decision to keep her personal life private in this area is something that remains incredibly admirable.

Additionally, Union and Wade are both undeniably invested in their children and determined to support each one as they grow into who they were meant to be. Their unwavering commitment to inclusivity and personal freedom has made an incredible impact, garnering them recognition as two of TIME’s 100 most influential people in 2020. It’s evident that they find constant inspiration in the growth and unapologetic authenticity of their daughters.

At the heart of it all, Union has recognized the transformative power of her vision boards in keeping her grounded and grateful for how far she has come. Her marriage to Wade remains strong with countless joyful surprises, leading to an almost embarrassingly blessed and enjoyable life together. Their enviable power couple status remains a testament to their unwavering love and mutual admiration for each other.

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