Hungry for Some Good Eats? Kate Hudson, Francia Raisa & More Stars Reveal Their Go-To Snacks

• Kelly Clarkson revealed her pre-diabetic diagnosis inspired her recent weight loss
• Favorite snacks of celebrities include fruit, nuts, Hot Cheetos, carrots and hummus, and cheese and crackers
• Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Lana Condor, and Joanna Garcia Swisher shared their go-to snacks for staving off hunger cravings

Here is what happened:

In a segment featuring celebrity snack preferences, stars like Padma Lakshmi, Naomi Osaka, and Lauren Conrad shared their go-to snacks. Padma Lakshmi enjoys green apples with peanut butter, while Naomi Osaka opts for a cup of fruit like grapes or berries. Lauren Conrad prefers fruit and raw nuts for snacking in-between meals. These celebrities offer insight into their healthy snacking habits, providing inspiration for those looking for nutritious nibbles.

Other celebrities, such as Kate Hudson, Lana Condor, and Joanna Garcia Swisher, also opened up about their favorite snacks. Kate Hudson slices up apples for a satisfying crunch, while Lana Condor loves canned oysters as a good source of protein and magnesium. Joanna Garcia Swisher simply enjoys cheese and crackers as her snack of choice. By sharing their snacking habits, these stars offer a glimpse into their daily routines and offer suggestions for those seeking snack ideas.

From roasted almonds to green juice, the celebrities’ snack choices vary widely but all aim to provide a balance of flavor and nutrition. Whether it’s hot Cheetos like Francia Raisa, or fruit and nuts like Maggie Q, each star has their unique preference when it comes to snacking. By taking a peek into the snack habits of these celebrities, individuals can find new ideas to curb cravings and stay satisfied between meals. Next time a hunger pang strikes, consider snacking like the stars for a healthy and enjoyable treat.

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