Ian Somerhalder Shares Reasons for Leaving Hollywood

• Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley moved outside the city to a farm with their families and 18 pets, where they are focused on personalized farming and regenerative agriculture
• They are currently producing documentaries about soil health, climate change, and regenerative agriculture and are hoping to bring awareness to soil management practices to prevent environmental issues and secure the future for their descendants
• While they have not acted in a few years, they are pushing for pet parents and farmers alike to pay attention to health soil practices and held through a partnership with pet food brand Nutro.

Here is what happened:

Ian Somerhalder, known for his roles in The Vampire Diaries and his Twilight spouse Nikki Reed, recently shared insight into the bucolic paradise he shares with his family. The expansive land, home to their two kids and a variety of animals, led the couple to put their Los Angeles home on the market. They now spend their days navigating through their farm, feeding animals, and nurturing crops such as lavender, rosemary, cucumbers and cows.

Having taken a break from acting, Ian is now deeply invested in his love of farming and environmentalism. He recently narrated a documentary called “Kiss the Ground” and a follow-up called “Common Ground,” aimed at promoting regenerative farming and healthy soil practices as a way to combat climate change. The projects were created in collaboration with renowned filmmakers and includes input from other celebrities.

Ian Somerhalder is determined to bring about positive change in the world through his work on the farm and in the realm of environmental activism. He is also endeavoring to educate and encourage others, urging them to also take small steps towards creating a brighter future. His commitment also extends to partnerships with brands, such as Nutro, which is dedicated to increasing awareness about healthy soil practices and promoting environmental sustainability.

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