iCarly star Jennette McCurdy reveals previous pregnancy scare

• Jennette McCurdy recalls being terrified when she thought she was pregnant, while taking Accutane medication
• Accutane can cause birth defects in up to 35% of infants exposed during pregnancy
• After a pregnancy scare, McCurdy decided to stop taking the medication

Here is what happened:

Jennette McCurdy opened up about a “terrifying” experience she had when she thought she was pregnant in the past. The iCarly star revealed that she had been taking the medication Accutane, which treats acne, and was shocked to find out she might be pregnant. The medication can cause birth defects in infants exposed during pregnancy, so McCurdy was scared and had to go through monthly checkups and blood work.

McCurdy recalled that when she got the news, she was in shock and felt like her world was spinning. She described feeling dizzy and terrified, and was thoroughly examining her recent sexual activities, wondering how it was possible. However, it turned out that the pregnancy scare was a false alarm, which was a huge relief for McCurdy, but the experience was so terrifying that she decided to stop taking the medication.

Accutane’s website warns that pregnant women or those planning to become pregnant should not take the medication due to the potential harm it can cause to an unborn baby, including birth defects, miscarriage, and premature births. This experience was a difficult and frightening one for McCurdy, emphasizing the importance of being cautious with medication that can potentially have severe consequences.

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