Idea of You Actor Nicholas Galitzine Discusses Sexuality

• Nicholas Galitzine clarifies that he identifies as a straight man despite playing queer characters
• He admits to feeling uncertain and guilty at times about taking on such roles
• Galitzine believes that more LGBTQ+ love stories need to be told and his LGBTQ+ friends’ reactions to his work validate his decision

Here is what happened:

Nicholas Galitzine recently addressed his sexuality, clarifying that he identifies as a straight man despite playing queer characters in various films and series. In an interview with British GQ, he explained that while he has portrayed LGBTQ+ roles, his personal identity is separate from the characters he embodies on screen. The 29-year-old actor expressed some uncertainty and guilt at times for taking on such roles, but emphasized that he believes these characters are more than just their sexuality.

One of the reasons Galitzine agreed to take on queer acting roles, such as in “Red, White & Royal Blue,” was his strong belief in the importance of telling more LGBTQ+ love stories. In an interview with Huffington Post UK, he mentioned that many of his friends within the LGBTQ+ community did not have these kinds of stories to relate to while growing up. This perspective influenced his decision to participate in projects that showcased diverse and inclusive narratives.

The positive reactions from his LGBTQ+ friends to his work in the Amazon Prime movie, opposite Taylor Zakhar Perez, further reinforced Galitzine’s belief in the significance of portraying cheesy, broad, and wholesome stories that resonate with audiences. He shared that his friends appreciated seeing representation in such narratives and the impact it had on them, validating his choice to take on these roles. Overall, Galitzine’s exploration of queer storytelling underscores the importance of diverse representation in the entertainment industry.

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