Influencer Brianna Chickenfry Addresses Criticism of Zach Bryan Romance

• Brianna Chickenfry is now addressing the haters who have tried to criticize her relationship with country singer Zach Bryan.
• Brianna learned not to buy into love or hate on the internet and to be true to herself.
• The couple met at the 2023 ACM Awards, both in previous relationships, but have since started dating and are now going strong.

Here is what happened:

In a recent interview, Brianna Chickenfry, an influencer also known as Brianna LaPaglia, openly discussed her relationship with country singer Zach Bryan. Despite facing criticism from haters, Brianna expressed that she is enjoying the experience and not letting negativity affect her. She acknowledged that initial public scrutiny about their fast-paced romance was overwhelming but has since learned to ignore it. Brianna emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself and letting things unfold naturally.

Brianna initially wanted to keep their relationship private, but due to the internet detectives, she decided to address it on her podcast. In her podcast, “Plan Bri Uncut,” she revealed that she had been spending time with Zach for about three weeks. Although the internet was buzzing with speculations, Brianna wanted to set the record straight. The couple met at the 2023 ACM Awards in Dallas in May, where they took a photo together. Importantly, both of them were previously in relationships that have since ended.

Their romance has transitioned from online to real-life, with Brianna accompanying Zach on the final leg of his tour. The social media star has realized her strength in coping with the love and hate that comes with being a public figure. Brianna appreciates where she is now and is enjoying her journey with Zach, despite the challenges they may face. She has learned to prioritize her happiness and not let external opinions dictate her choices in love.

Throughout their journey, Brianna and Zach have remained authentic and stayed true to themselves. They continue to create memories and cherish their time together, embracing the love they receive while gracefully handling any criticism. Their story serves as a reminder to stay resilient and unaffected by the judgment of others when it comes to matters of the heart.

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