Influencer Cara Hodgson Lucky to Be Here After Being Electrocuted in Freak Accident

• Dr. Cara Hodgson had a freak accident when she was electrocuted by power lines during a family vacation to Thailand
• She reflected on the preciousness of life and expressed gratitude to loved ones who supported her during her recovery
• Cara shared photos of her in the hospital and at home with her family, and wrote a journal entry tracking her recovery journey

Here is what happened:

Dr. Cara Hodgson recently shared her harrowing experience of a “freak accident” in Thailand, where she was electrocuted by power lines during a family vacation. She described it as “the worst 10 days of my life” which involved multiple hospital visits and fighting for her life. Her Instagram post on January 1st revealed her gratitude for still being alive and reflected on how life is precious and can be taken away in the blink of an eye.

Cara expressed her newfound perspective on life, emphasizing the importance of cherishing each moment and the gratitude she feels for the support of her loved ones. She highlighted the impact of the texts and messages she received from friends and family, which helped her to keep fighting during times when she felt like giving up. Her journey to recovery was also illustrated through photos shared by her, showing her in a Thai hospital and at home with her family.

In a journal entry, she described the challenges she faced in the various hospitals and expressed her determination to overcome the ordeal. She emphasized her strength and resolve, stating “I refuse to let this take me away from this beautiful world”. “I will keep fighting. I will not let this unfortunate freak accident rob me of anything. I am so lucky to be alive.” Her words reflect a strong determination and a positive outlook on life, despite the traumatic experience she went through.

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