Influencer Mila De Jesus Passes Away at 35, 3 Months After Wedding

• Weight loss influencer Mila De Jesus has died at age 35, leaving behind her daughter Anna Clara and other children
• She was known for her candid posts about her weight loss journey and had undergone bariatric surgery and abdominoplasty
• Mila has recently celebrated her wedding and her daughter’s 15th birthday, and was remembered by her friend Lila Katz as a person with a huge heart and many unachieved goals and dreams.

Here is what happened:

The fitness community is mourning the loss of a rising star, as influencer Mila De Jesus has died at the age of 35. This heartbreaking news was shared by her daughter Anna Clara on Mila’s Instagram page, expressing appreciation for the prayers and condolences while asking for continued support through their time of grief. The cause of her death has not been disclosed.

Mila was known for documenting her weight loss journey after undergoing bariatric surgery in 2017 and an abdominoplasty in 2018. She had lost a remarkable 150 pounds within four years of the initial surgery and often shared candid posts about her transformation. Mila attributed her success to persistence, focus, and self-belief.

In addition to her weight loss journey, Mila celebrated personal milestones such as her wedding in September 2023 and her daughter’s 15th birthday. She was a resilient mom to her children and described herself as such in her Instagram bio. Following her passing, her friend Lila Katz expressed deep sorrow, emphasizing Mila’s kind and generous nature and the pain of losing her.

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