Inside Kelly Clarkson’s Most Transformative Year Yet

• Kelly Clarkson relocated from Los Angeles to New York for a fresh start and hasn’t looked back
• She went through a difficult divorce from Brandon Blackstock but feels happier and more whole now
• Clarkson is focused on her kids and career, finding joy in her new surroundings and state of mind

Here is what happened:

Kelly Clarkson made a significant change in her life by moving from Los Angeles to New York, following her instincts and seeking a fresh start. She shared her journey of regrouping after her divorce from Brandon Blackstock and the importance of finding a new environment for herself and her children, River Rose and Remington Alexander. Clarkson emphasized the need to prioritize her mental well-being and happiness, acknowledging the struggles she faced during the divorce process and the importance of surrounding herself with positive influences.

Reflecting on her past relationship with Blackstock, Clarkson discussed how her ego played a role in prolonging the marriage, leading to a constant tug-of-war situation. Despite the challenges, she expressed her newfound freedom and contentment post-divorce, highlighting her reluctance to rush into a new relationship and her focus on personal growth and self-discovery. Clarkson shared her experience of moving to New York, where she found solace and joy, evident in her interactions with her children and the positive impact it had on her work on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

As Clarkson navigated through the aftermath of her divorce, she channeled her emotions into her music, unveiling a more personal and authentic side through her album “Chemistry.” She aimed to create a record that celebrated relationships rather than solely focusing on the hardships of divorce. Clarkson’s music reflected her growth and maturity as an artist, showcasing her ability to evolve and adapt to life’s challenges. She acknowledged the complexity of creating such an emotionally charged album but embraced the journey of healing and self-expression.

Looking ahead, Clarkson remained optimistic about her future, finding peace and fulfillment in her current circumstances. She emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with positivity and shared her commitment to happiness and personal growth. Despite the challenges she faced, Clarkson embraced her experiences as lessons learned and looked forward to continued growth and happiness in her personal and professional life.

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