Inside the Surreal Final Months of Princess Diana’s Life

• Princess Diana’s life and positive outlook after her divorce from Prince Charles
• The transformation of Diana from a royal to a humanitarian figure post her divorce
• Her romance and vacation with Dodi Fayed, including their elaborate yacht trip

Here is what happened:

The Crown didn’t shy away from the direction it was taking in season six. The breakdown of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage was unfurled in season five, including the divorce that neither initially wanted but which Queen Elizabeth II quietly enforced. In real life, despite Diana’s feeling that her in-laws had tossed her aside, she seemed to be thriving. She still had a residence at Kensington Palace, the title of Princess of Wales, and a sizable settlement. Most importantly, she had her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

Diana expressed her desire to own and be true to herself during a Christie’s auction of her gowns in June 1997, and she seemed full of optimism about her future. However, Diana’s story comes to a tragic end when she died in a car accident on August 31, 1997. Despite any happiness she may have found in her final days, her sudden death cast a pall over this period.

After her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana was keen to use her knowledge and experience for humanitarian purposes. She was honored as the Humanitarian of the Year in New York and continued her philanthropic efforts overseas. Diana hoped to secure an ambassadorship and sought to use her influential platform for meaningful initiatives.

Diana’s last days were marked by a romance with Dodi Fayed, who was said to be in love with her. Together they enjoyed a holiday in the South of France and Diana was reportedly gifting him items that had sentimental value. However, their relationship was cut short tragically when they both died in a car accident in Paris, leaving their romance to be remembered sadly.

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