Inside the Wild Search for Corrections Officer Vicky White Following Her Escape with an Inmate

• On April 29, 2022, an Alabama prisoner named Casey Cole White went missing from custody, with corrections officer Vicky White, who had picked him up for a courthouse meeting, also disappearing.
• Authorities believed that Vicky had participated in Casey’s escape and a warrant was out for her arrest. However, she was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
• Investigations revealed that Vicky had a special relationship with Casey and had masterminded his escape. They had numerous phone calls and Vicky had the authority to pull guards away in order to make it happen.

Here is what happened:

In April 2022, news broke that an Alabama prisoner named Casey Cole White had escaped from custody, accompanied by corrections officer Vicky White. Investigators quickly discovered that Vicky had checked Casey out of jail under false pretenses, claiming he needed a mental health evaluation. It was later revealed that Vicky had orchestrated the escape because she had fallen in love with the inmate.

Casey, who was serving a 75-year sentence for multiple crimes, including attempted murder and kidnapping, had a history of violence and was considered extremely dangerous. Authorities had previously learned that he was planning an escape involving a hostage. Vicky, who was highly regarded by her colleagues as an exemplary employee, had the authority to pull guards away and make the escape happen.

After an 11-day manhunt, Casey was apprehended and sentenced to life in prison for his escape. Tragically, Vicky was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Investigators discovered over 1,100 phone calls between Casey and Vicky, revealing the extent of their relationship. Vicky had been portrayed as a dedicated corrections officer, but it became clear that there was a hidden aspect to her character. The shocking events left her community devastated and questioning how this could have happened.

Vicky’s retirement plans and recent home sale raised further questions about her motivations. She had finalized the sale of her house at a significantly lower price than its estimated value and had spoken about moving to the beach. Colleagues had been planning to celebrate her retirement on the day she disappeared. The investigation into Vicky’s relationship with Casey revealed that it had started in 2020 when he was brought to the jail for arraignment. They maintained contact even after his return to prison, leading to the eventual escape.

The revelations about Vicky and Casey’s relationship shed light on a darker side of her character and shocked those who worked with her. The community mourned not only the loss of Vicky but also the betrayal they felt from someone they had trusted. The case highlighted the challenges faced by corrections officers and the potential for manipulation and illicit relationships to occur within the system.

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