Jennifer Aniston shares how she is honoring Matthew Perry’s legacy

• Jennifer Aniston is honoring Matthew Perry’s legacy through the Matthew Perry Foundation, which helps those struggling with addiction
• Perry was open about his experiences with addiction and hoped to be remembered for helping others instead of his acting
• Friends cast members and others in the entertainment industry are paying tribute to Perry following his death

Here is what happened:

“Watch: Jennifer Aniston Pays Tribute to “Little Brother” Matthew Perry

In the wake of Matthew Perry’s passing, his dear friend and “Friends” co-star Jennifer Aniston has taken the responsibility of carrying on his legacy. Aniston recently encouraged fans to support The Matthew Perry Foundation to honor the late actor’s memory. The foundation was created to help those struggling with addiction, following the news of Perry’s death on October 28. Aniston urged her followers to join her in supporting the Foundation, as it is dedicated to assisting individuals who are battling addiction.

In recognition of Giving Tuesday, Aniston motivated people to take part in philanthropic and charitable giving. Perry had always been open about his personal struggles with addiction, and before his unexpected death, he expressed that he would prefer to be remembered for helping others overcome such challenges, rather than for his acting career. Aniston, along with the rest of the “Friends” cast, shared heartfelt tributes in honor of Perry.

In a touching and personal statement, Aniston described the deep bond she shared with Perry. She revealed that she was “crying then laughing again” as she read through some of the final text messages exchanged with him. Aniston emphasized how the six actors of “Friends” were a chosen family and remembered the impact their relationships had on one another.

Other industry figures, such as actors Bradley Whitford, Salma Hayek, Ione Skye, and Kathleen Turner, shared their own touching and emotional tributes to Perry, reminiscing about the deep impact he had on those around him and expressing their deep sadness at his passing.”

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