Jennifer Garner Reveals Why She Thinks She Was Born to Breed

• Jennifer Garner shared she feels lucky with her reproductive health and had great pregnancies with her three children
• She joked about being able to have a fourth child at 52 and expressed her love for her family
• Garner gushed about her hopes for Mother’s Day, including a special photo with her three children and shared updates on her eldest heading to college

Here is what happened:

Jennifer Garner, known for roles in movies like ’13 Going on 30′, is enjoying a fulfilling life alongside her three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. In a recent podcast, she expressed gratitude for her smooth pregnancies and deliberate family planning. Garner humorously mentioned that she could still have a fourth child despite her age, joking about her “big hips” being made for childbearing.

While the idea of expanding her family may be a joke, Jennifer’s focus remains on cherishing moments with her growing children. She fondly recalls a Mother’s Day tradition where her kids used to sit on her lap for a photo, emphasizing the sentimental value of capturing these fleeting moments as her children continue to grow. Garner’s dedication to creating lasting memories with her family highlights the importance she places on these special occasions.

At the same time, Jennifer is preparing for a new chapter as her eldest child gets set to head off to college. Despite not revealing where her daughter will be attending, Garner has shared insights into Violet’s college prep journey, noting her daughter’s resilience and self-sufficiency in handling the excitement and stress that come with this significant transition. As Jennifer and her family navigate through various milestones and changes, they continue to embrace the journey together with love and support.

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