Jodie Sweetin’s Daughter Zoie Practices Driving With Mom

• Jodie Sweetin practices driving with her look-alike daughter Zoie, who is almost 16 years old
• Zoie resembles her mom so much that people thought it was actually Jodie in the car
• Jodie is also a mom to daughter Beatrix and has been married to husband Mescal Wasilewski since July 2022

Here is what happened:

Jodie Sweetin, known for her role in Full House, recently shared a heartwarming moment on Instagram where she was giving driving lessons to her look-alike daughter Zoie Herpin. In a selfie, Jodie and Zoie are seen in the car with Zoie behind the wheel, practicing her ‘neighborhood driving’ with her new Drivers Permit. The post garnered positive feedback from fans, with many commenting on how much Zoie resembles her famous mother.

This special moment between Jodie and Zoie brings back memories of a Full House episode from 1990, where Jodie’s character Stephanie accidentally crashed a car into the kitchen. The actress humorously referenced this moment in her Instagram caption, adding a touch of nostalgia for fans of the show. Zoie had actually started learning to drive a year earlier, as revealed by her dad Cody Herpin on Instagram.

Apart from Zoie, Jodie is also a mother to her daughter Beatrix, whom she shares with ex-husband Morty Coyle. The actress, who reprised her role in Fuller House, has been happily married to Mescal Wasilewski since July 2022. Fans often point out the striking resemblance between Jodie and her daughters, especially when they are seen together in family photos or on special occasions. These heartwarming moments showcase the love and bond shared between Jodie and her beautiful daughters.

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