Joe Manganiello Praises Actress for Aging Backwards

• Joe Manganiello praised Ming-Na Wen for aging backwards and maintaining a flawless appearance at age 60
• Manganiello and Wen have known each other since high school and he attributes Wen’s beauty to her kind-hearted personality
• Wen thanked Manganiello and her husband Eric Michael Zee for their support as she accepted the Timeless Beauty prize at the Hollywood Beauty Awards

Here is what happened:

Joe Manganiello recently attended the Hollywood Beauty Awards where he praised his long-time friend Ming-Na Wen for her timeless beauty. The True Blood actor mentioned that Wen’s reflection shows who she is inside, contrary to the typical notion of timeless beauty being frozen in time. Manganiello shared how Wen is someone who is aging backwards, based on his firsthand experience of knowing her since high school and college days.

During his speech at the event, Manganiello highlighted how Wen keeps getting better looking with time, praising her for “aging backwards.” He emphasized that Wen’s beauty radiates from within, attributing her flawless appearance at age 60 to her sincere kindness and genuine personality. Manganiello also shared details of their long-standing friendship, dating back to their high school days in Pittsburg.

Wen, in her acceptance speech, acknowledged Manganiello and her husband, Eric Michael Zee, for their support. She expressed gratitude for the validation of her beauty coming from within, echoing Manganiello’s sentiments about confidence, strength, and perseverance reflecting true beauty. The speech highlighted the importance of inner qualities in enhancing external appearance, reinforcing the idea that true beauty is a reflection of one’s character.

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