JoJo Siwa Addressing Claim of Stolen Song Karma from Miley Cyrus & Brit Smith

• JoJo Siwa denies stealing her latest single “Karma” from Miley Cyrus and Brit Smith.
• The confusion may have arisen from the producers of the track, Rock Mafia, who wrote the song years ago.
• JoJo released “Karma” as part of her new, more mature era and is unbothered by the track feeling outdated.

Here is what happened:

JoJo Siwa recently addressed rumors that she stole her latest single “Karma” from Miley Cyrus and Brit Smith, clarifying that she did not steal anything. The confusion was attributed to the track’s producers, Rock Mafia, who wrote the song years ago and have worked with other artists in the past. JoJo explained that it is common in the music industry for songs to be written and set aside, only to be picked up by different artists later on.

The 20-year-old singer released “Karma” as part of her new, more mature era, emphasizing that despite the song being old, it still resonated with her vision for her music. JoJo described “Karma” as a head-turner that evokes curiosity and interest, which ultimately played into her marketing strategy. She felt confident that the unconventional nature of the song would capture attention and provoke reactions from listeners.

Brit Smith, one of the rumored original singers of “Karma,” revealed that the song was intended to be her first single back in 2012. However, circumstances led her in a different direction, and she expressed happiness that the song was finally getting recognition through JoJo’s rendition. Both artists seem content with the outcome and the positive reception of the track. Overall, JoJo’s journey from reality TV to becoming a mature artist is reflected in her recent work, marking a significant shift in her career.

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