JoJo Siwa Supports Influencer Everleigh LaBrant Amidst “Like Taylor Swift” Song Controversy

• Everleigh Rose, a 10-year-old influencer, released her first song and music video titled “Like Taylor Swift,” which sparked debate and controversy.
• The song received mixed reactions, with some praising Everleigh’s creativity and others criticizing her for referencing mature songs at such a young age.
• JoJo Siwa stepped in to defend Everleigh, urging haters to stop bullying and grow up, and praising her as a kind and hardworking kid deserving of love and success.

Here is what happened:

Ten-year-old influencer Everleigh Rose recently released her first song, “Like Taylor Swift,” along with an accompanying music video. The song, inspired by Taylor Swift, has sparked a debate among fans. Some praised Everleigh’s creativity and catchy song, while others compared it to Rebecca Black’s debut and criticized the maturity of the lyrics for a 10-year-old.

Many social media users were confused by the song’s lyrics, with one person questioning the meaning behind references like “like a dear john.” Some even accused Everleigh’s parents of being the masterminds behind the song. However, Everleigh’s stepdad, Cole LaBrant, confirmed in a TikTok video that she wrote the lyrics herself, although the official music video credits the “LaBrant Fam” as the writers.

In the midst of the controversy, JoJo Siwa stepped in to defend Everleigh. The former child star, who has also been an influencer from a young age, criticized those who were bullying and saying negative things about Everleigh and her song. JoJo called the song adorable and catchy, and urged people to stop the bullying, especially towards a 10-year-old. She praised Everleigh as one of the kindest and hardest working kids she has been around, and expressed her support for her success.

Overall, while Everleigh’s song has received mixed reactions, her parents and JoJo Siwa continue to stand by her and support her in her creative endeavors.

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