JoJo Siwa’s Future Kids Names that will Surprise You

• Jojo Siwa has revealed the names she has chosen for her future children, which are Freddie for a baby girl and Eddy and Teddy for twin boys
• The 20-year-old dancer has two tattoos dedicated to her future kids, expressing her desire to have three babies and her excitement about starting a family
• Jojo has expressed her dream of becoming a mom since she was 12 years old, discussing her plans to retire after a Super Bowl halftime performance and have children early in life

Here is what happened:

JoJo Siwa, the former Dance Moms star, is already planning for her future as a mother. She revealed that she has already picked out names for her future children and even has tattoos dedicated to them. During an interview on Access Daily, JoJo shared that she has tattoos for her future baby girl named Freddie, and twin boys named Eddy and Teddy. With her tattoos located on her bicep and forearm, JoJo expressed her desire to have three babies and mentioned that she already has a sperm donor lined up.

In addition to her plans for motherhood, JoJo also shared her aspirations of performing at the Super Bowl halftime show before retiring to focus on starting a family. She expressed her excitement about becoming a mom, stating that it’s something she has looked forward to since she was 12 years old. JoJo emphasized her eagerness to have children, saying she wants to have many babies and can’t wait to fulfill her dream of motherhood.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, JoJo Siwa is enthusiastic about the prospect of having children but acknowledges that the process of starting a family is significant for her. Despite her excitement about becoming a mom, JoJo admitted that she longs for a partner to share that experience with, expressing her desire for love. She emphasized her deep affectionate nature and the yearning to have someone to love and share her life with as she looks forward to the possibility of starting a family.

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