Jon Gosselin shares update on relationship with his & Kate Gosselin’s children

• Jon Gosselin is living with two of his eight children, who are now grown up
• Hannah is in college and Collin will start school in the fall
• The other sextuplets are living with their mother, while the older twins have good jobs in New York

Here is what happened:

Jon Gosselin is adjusting to life as an empty nester now that two of his eight children, Hannah and Collin, are grown up. In an exclusive interview, Jon revealed that although they don’t live with him full-time, the two store their belongings at his house. Hannah is currently in college, while Collin will be starting school in the fall. Jon expressed that their sudden departure has left him pondering what to do next.

The siblings, who are two of Jon and Kate’s sextuplets born in 2004, have been living with their father after distancing themselves from their mother, who resides with their other siblings in North Carolina. Despite this physical separation, Jon mentioned that Hannah keeps in touch with her siblings and reported that they are doing well. Jon expressed hope that the other sextuplets will eventually come around and mature enough to reconnect.

As for the older twins, Mady and Cara, they are thriving in New York with successful careers, according to Jon. While he acknowledges that there is no friendship or communication with his ex-wife Kate since 2018, Jon believes that things will resolve themselves in due time. With a new relationship with Stephanie Lebo since 2023, Jon remains positive about the future and is grateful for the journey that led their children to where they are today.

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