Josh Lucas Girlfriend Shares Surprising Sweet Home Alabama Take

• Josh Lucas’ girlfriend, Brianna Ruffalo, is Team Patrick Dempsey when it comes to Sweet Home Alabama crushes
• Brianna hopes Patrick’s character, Andrew, would ultimately win over Melanie in the movie
• Josh Lucas expressed interest in doing a sequel to Sweet Home Alabama, with Reese Witherspoon also expressing interest in rebooting the film

Here is what happened:

In a recent interview, Josh Lucas revealed that his girlfriend, Brianna Ruffalo, has a surprising preference when it comes to the iconic movie “Sweet Home Alabama.” Despite Josh’s character Jake ending up with Melanie, played by Reese Witherspoon, in the film, Brianna confessed to being Team Patrick Dempsey. As the ABC7 Los Angeles meteorologist, Brianna has openly expressed her admiration for Dempsey’s character, Andrew, hoping he would win Melanie’s heart.

Josh Lucas shared a humorous anecdote about attempting to watch “Sweet Home Alabama” with Brianna, only to have her fall asleep within the first few minutes, reaffirming her allegiance to Patrick Dempsey’s character. Even though his girlfriend’s preference differs from his onscreen character’s fate, Josh found the situation amusing and endearing. Despite Brianna’s unwavering loyalty to Team Patrick, Josh and Brianna enjoy watching movies together, even if they don’t always finish them.

The possibility of a sequel to “Sweet Home Alabama” has been a topic of discussion, with both Josh Lucas and Reese Witherspoon expressing interest in revisiting the beloved romantic comedy. In 2021, Josh mentioned his willingness to do a sequel, while Reese hinted at the idea being a great one. Fans of the original movie continue to show support for the potential reboot, keeping the hope alive for a continuation of the story. Whether or not a sequel materializes, viewers can catch Josh Lucas in the Apple TV+ limited series “Palm Royale,” premiering on March 20th alongside a star-studded cast.

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