Julianne Hough Supports Derek Hough & Hayley Erbert During Health Scare

• Julianne Hough supported her brother Derek Hough during his wife Hayley Erbert’s emergency skull surgery in December
• Julianne emphasizes the importance of self-care to be a stable force for others, mentioning that working out and Kinrgy help her find strength and inner peace
• Hayley Erbert received an outpouring of support from family, friends, and fans during her recovery from the surgeries

Here is what happened:

Julianne Hough showed unwavering support for her brother Derek Hough when his wife, Hayley Erbert, had to undergo emergency skull surgery in December. Despite facing a challenging situation, Julianne emphasized the importance of self-care and building a strong foundation within oneself first. She highlighted the significance of being grounded and secure in order to effectively help others in need, a sentiment that resonated deeply with her actions during her family’s crisis.

During the grand opening of her Kinrgy studio in West Hollywood, Julianne spoke about the value of self-trust and stability, which enabled her to be a pillar of strength for her brother and sister-in-law. By investing time and effort into connecting with herself, Julianne was able to extend compassion and empathy towards those around her, ultimately serving as a reliable support system for her family during a challenging time.

Julianne’s dedication to maintaining her own well-being through fitness and Kinrgy practices reflects her belief in finding strength and inner peace amid life’s storms. The concept behind her fitness platform stemmed from her personal transformation journey, where she discovered the powerful combination of movement, breathwork, and visualization. Julianne’s commitment to self-improvement not only benefitted her own mental and physical health but also inspired those around her to prioritize their well-being. Through her actions and words, Julianne exemplified the importance of self-care, compassion, and resilience in the face of adversity.

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