Katy Perry reacts hilariously when her top breaks off during live TV broadcast

• Katy Perry experienced a wardrobe malfunction on American Idol, but handled it professionally
• Fellow judge Luke Bryan helped fix Katy’s top during a commercial break
• Katy Perry is leaving American Idol after serving as a judge for seven seasons, joking that she has nothing to lose besides her top

Here is what happened:

Katy Perry experienced a wardrobe malfunction on American Idol when her top broke in the middle of an episode, but she handled it like a pro. Despite the mishap, the “California Gurls” singer found humor in the situation and joked that it seems like something always goes wrong on the show and the viewers enjoy it. Katy, who is leaving the show after seven seasons as a judge, humorously remarked that she has nothing to lose except her top.

During a commercial break, Katy’s team worked quickly to fix her ensemble, ensuring that her top stayed on. Fellow judge Luke Bryan even stepped in to assist with the situation. Eventually, Katy’s top was repaired just in time for her and fellow judge Lionel Richie to reveal the top 14 contestants of the show.

Since their time on American Idol, many contestants have embarked on successful careers in the music industry. Some, like season 10 winner Scotty McCreery and season 11 winner Phillip Phillips, have achieved significant chart success and released albums. Others, like season 16 winner Maddie Poppe, have continued to pursue their musical aspirations and navigate their personal lives. Each contestant’s journey after their experience on American Idol showcases the diverse paths that can unfold post-competition.

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