Keep your motivation for your health goals in 10 days with Kate Hudson’s advice

• Kate Hudson shares tips on sticking to health goals
• Emphasizes the importance of mental health and feeding your body well
• Encourages curiosity and progress over perfection, and surrounding yourself with a supportive community

Here is what happened:

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Kate Hudson revealed her passion for food, nutrition, and an active lifestyle. She shared her commitment to using her platform to encourage people to lead healthier lives. Kate emphasized the importance of taking steps beyond the initial New Year’s resolution in order to achieve long-term health goals. She also discussed her partnership with MyFitnessPal and its Small Steps, Big Wins Plan, which launched on Jan. 8.

Kate emphasized that feeling good involves working on not just physical health but also mental well-being. She encouraged people to immerse themselves in knowledge and resources, such as podcasts and books, that can help them live a healthier life. Kate also stressed the importance of understanding that wellness is about more than just physicality. Her personal fitness trainer, Brian Nguyen, emphasized the importance of feeding oneself and not depriving the body.

Kate further advised fans to learn about food and be passionate about what they consume. She emphasized the need to be open to learning and to consume as much information as possible. Kate encouraged people to honor where they are at in their wellness journey and to connect with their current state, without the pressure of achieving perfection. Finally, Brian urged fans to focus on making progress rather than striving for perfection and to approach their journey with curiosity. Kate noted the value of having a support system and surrounding oneself with people and programs that can provide encouragement and support.

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