Keeping Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s Marriage Exciting: The Surprising Secret

• Ree Drummond and her husband installed a hot tub in their backyard this summer, which has heated up their romance
• They enjoy skinny dipping in the hot tub as part of their evening routine
• Their basset hounds are confused and intrigued by their naked hot tub adventures, while their dog Lucy is embarrassed and pouting on the porch during these times.

Here is what happened:

Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd have recently added a hot tub to their backyard, and this has sparked a newfound intimacy in their 27-year marriage. Despite not being swimming pool people, they have been enjoying the hot tub three to four evenings a week, embracing the relaxation and time together in the 103-degree water.

According to Ree, they both wait until dark and then, wrapped in towels, they adorably “inch our way into the 103-degree water in our birthday suits.” She emphasizes that their evening routine includes candid discussions about their hopes, dreams, concerns, and fears. Ree insists that “That water is way too hot for any of that,” referring to any improper activity.

Their evening adventures aren’t just for the couple, but they also involve their basset hounds, who seem to be very perplexed by their naked parents crawling into a water hole and staying there for 20 minutes. Ree humorously describes their dogs’ reactions to the hot tub experience and the fact that they usually spend the whole time staring at Ladd, as they’ve never seen him without a shirt.

The couple’s evening activities sound nothing short of blissful, despite the basset hounds’ confusion and embarrassment. Their newly-installed hot tub has truly added a new dynamic to their marriage and their empty-nest life.

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