Kendall Vertes Reveals Reason Why Mother Jill Is the Ultimate Dance Mom

• Kendall Vertes reflects on her dance team winning the NDA national championship, emphasizing the difference between college dance teams and competitive dancing
• Kendall continues to hold onto lessons learned from her time on Dance Moms, using them to calm her nerves and excel in her college dance team
• Kendall expresses excitement at showing her real personality to Dance Moms fans and reflects on the positive impact of her experience on the show

Here is what happened:

More than a decade after Kendall Vertes’ Dance Moms debut, the 21-year-old finally achieved a significant milestone by helping the James Madison Dukettes win their fifth NDA national championship. Reflecting on her journey, Kendall admitted that being on a college dance team was very different from the competitive dancing she was used to. Despite the challenges, she managed to showcase her talent, drawing on her past experiences as a competitive dancer under the guidance of her mother, Jill Vertes.

Jill Vertes has been a constant support system for Kendall, attending every game and performance to cheer her on. Kendall shared how her parents made the effort to be present at all her performances, driving from Pittsburgh to Florida to support her journey in college dance. This unwavering support from her family has been a source of strength for Kendall as she navigates the different dynamics of collegiate dance competition.

Reflecting on her time on Dance Moms, Kendall acknowledged the valuable lessons she learned from Abby Lee Miller and the show. These lessons have helped her in her college dance endeavors, allowing her to manage stress and nerves effectively. Kendall’s experiences on the show have shaped her approach to competing and performing, helping her excel both on and off the dance floor. Through dedication and hard work, Kendall has evolved into a confident and skilled dancer, showcasing her talent and resilience in the world of collegiate dance.

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