Kim Kardashian’s Broken Doll Corset Outfit Is Even More Polarizing Than Met Gala Look

• Kim Kardashian debuted a new curve-defining outfit called the “Margiela Broken Doll” at the 2024 Met Gala by Maison Margiela
• She received mixed reactions from fans, with some expressing admiration for her unique high-fashion attire and others voicing concerns for her health
• Kim has developed a breathing technique over the years to fit into form-fitting looks and has taken fashion risks in the past for the Met Gala, including wearing platform shoes without heels and undergoing crash diets to fit into iconic dresses

Here is what happened:

Kim Kardashian continues to make headlines with her daring fashion choices, especially her recent corset looks. Following her attention-grabbing chromatic waist-cinching ensemble at the 2024 Met Gala by Maison Margiela, she debuted another curve-defining outfit from the same designer – the “Margiela Broken Doll.” This second look featured a black leather corset, a velvet bodysuit, knee-pads resembling open wounds, and gloves resembling skeletal hands, paired with black platform heels and a matching beret and handbag.

While some fans were impressed by Kim’s haute couture fashion choices, others were less enthusiastic. Comments ranged from admiration for the uniqueness of the outfit to concern for Kim’s wellbeing, with some expressing disapproval of the spooky high-fashion attire. Despite mixed reactions, Kim’s consistency in pulling off such form-fitting looks may be attributed to a breathing technique she has developed over the years to navigate such tight-fitting garments.

Additionally, Kim’s fashion risks at the Met Gala have been well-documented over the years, showcasing her dedication to pulling off challenging looks. From crash diets to unconventional footwear choices, Kim goes to great lengths to embody the themes of the annual event. Each outfit tells a story, from channeling icons like Marilyn Monroe to making wardrobe adjustments on the go, proving that Kim is a fashion icon willing to take risks for the sake of haute couture.

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