Kim Zolciak’s 911 Call on Kroy Biermann Over Safety Concerns During Divorce Proceedings

• Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s messy divorce got even messier when Kim called 911 on Kroy, accusing him of taking her two cell phones.
• Kim and Kroy’s four kids were home at the time of the dispute but were not involved in the argument.
• The couple’s latest conflict adds to an already complicated timeline of their relationship troubles, including multiple divorce filings and allegations of drug use.

Here is what happened:

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s divorce has taken a messy turn as Kim recently called 911, accusing Kroy of taking her cell phones. In the 911 call, Kim expressed her feeling of being unsafe and stated that Kroy had locked himself in their bedroom. Police were called to their Georgia home to resolve the dispute, and Kim agreed to sleep in a different room. None of their four children were involved in the argument as they were asleep at the time. This incident adds to the already complicated timeline of their separation.

The former couple initially filed for divorce on May 8, stating that their marriage was irretrievably broken. Kim sought primary physical and joint legal custody of their children, while Kroy requested sole physical and legal custody. They reconciled two months later but were unable to make it work, leading to Kroy filing for divorce a second time on August 24.

In a surprising twist, Kim revealed in legal documents that she and Kroy have been engaging in sexual relations since the filing of the divorce petition, contradicting his claim of an irretrievably broken marriage. She argued that cohabitation or reconciliation shows a possibility of a viable marriage, and therefore, Kroy’s second petition for divorce should be dismissed.

Throughout their divorce proceedings, both Kim and Kroy have made various requests related to custody and property. Kim also alleged that Kroy has been using drugs and requested that he undergo drug testing. The couple’s split has come as a surprise to many, including their former boss Andy Cohen, who believed they were in it for the long haul.

Despite their attempts at reconciliation, the couple’s marriage has ultimately proven unsuccessful. Kroy filed for divorce again, seeking sole custody of their children and requesting child support and alimony. Kim, on the other hand, filed a motion to dismiss Kroy’s second petition, claiming that they are still sleeping together. The divorce continues to be a complicated and messy process for both parties involved.

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