King Frederik X & Queen Mary of Denmark share a kiss on balcony after Queen Margrethe II’s abdication

• Queen Margrethe II of Denmark abdicated the throne after 52 years and her son, Frederick X, ascended as the new king
• King Frederick X promised to be a “unifying king of tomorrow” and addressed the crowd after he ascended the throne
• The former queen abdicated after last year’s royal scandal involving photos of her son, the now-king, with a socialite sparked rumors of an affair, but the royal family denies these allegations

Here is what happened:

The video text kicks off the announcement of the ascension of King Frederik X to the Danish throne after his mother, Queen Margrethe II, abdicated. The new king was celebrated with a public appearance on the balcony of Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, joined by his wife Queen Mary and their four children. The 55-year-old monarch addressed the crowd, expressing his hope to become a unifying king and seeking the trust of his beloved wife and the people.

Queen Margrethe II, who retains her title as queen, became the first Danish monarch in almost 900 years to voluntarily relinquish the throne after 52 years of reign. The queen’s announcement came unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve, citing her future consideration for the Danish monarchy following back surgery. Some speculate that her abdication may have been motivated, in part, to save her son’s marriage after rumors surfaced of an affair between King Frederik and a Mexican-born socialite, though both parties denied the allegations.

The royal family displayed a touching moment when Frederik and his son Christian, now the heir to the throne, were seated together during the signing of the declaration of abdication. Margrethe then symbolically rose and gestured for Frederik to take her seat. The new king was met with cheers as his mother exited the room, saying “God save the King.” The article also features a photo gallery of the abdication and King Frederik X’s proclamation, capturing historical moments for the Danish royal family.

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