Kirsten Dunst & Jimmy Kimmel discuss their sons fighting at school

• Kirsten Dunst and Jimmy Kimmel’s sons got into a fight at school over a chair
• Both parents shared their versions of the incident, but the boys quickly made up
• Other celebrities, such as Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, have also had their children clash at school, but they were able to resolve the issues

Here is what happened:

Kirsten Dunst and Jimmy Kimmel’s sons found themselves in a humorous situation when they got into a tiff over a chair at the school they both attend. Ennis, Kirsten’s son, and Billy, Jimmy’s son, were at odds over a chair, which led to a minor conflict that amused the parents. Despite the disagreement, the children eventually moved past the incident.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kirsten shared details of the chair incident, mentioning that the teachers at the school had brought it up during a parent-teacher conference. Jimmy added his perspective, acknowledging that both boys were involved and ended up in tears after the situation escalated. However, it was considered an isolated incident, and the parents found it amusing in hindsight.

Other celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum have also experienced similar situations, with their daughters clashing in preschool due to their strong-willed nature. The children eventually resolved their differences, with the help of their principal challenging them to be kind to each other. Sometimes, such conflicts can turn into bonding experiences, as seen with Sandra and Channing’s daughters during the filming of The Lost City, where they had a Covid-safe playdate and formed a close friendship.

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