Kourtney Kardashian’s Husband Travis Barker Reveals His Expert Advice on Sexual Wellness

• Travis Barker revealed that one song from Blink-182’s new album can help set the mood in the bedroom.
• Travis picked the song “F–K FACE” as his favorite on the album.
• Travis and Kourtney Kardashian have been open about their physical relationship, often embracing PDA and discussing their intimate preferences.

Here is what happened:

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s intimate relationship has been a topic of interest lately, with Barker sharing insights into their sex life. In response to a fan question about which song from Blink-182’s new album would be perfect for setting the mood in the bedroom, Barker recommended the short song “F–K FACE.” The couple has never been shy about their physical connection, often displaying public affection and revealing details about their relationship.

Apart from their shared love for music, Barker’s foot fetish has also been a point of discussion. Kourtney confirmed in a Vanity Fair video that her husband indeed has a foot fetish, although it’s not a kink that she personally shares. This open conversation allows fans to gain a deeper understanding of the couple’s dynamic.

While Kourtney and Travis prepare to welcome their baby boy, they have been celebrating every moment of their pregnancy journey. Kourtney has been proudly showcasing her baby bump in various social media posts, from lighthearted poolside pictures to stylish outfits. The couple recently attended a sex reveal party, where they happily announced that they are expecting a son.

Travis and Kourtney’s love story has been an intriguing one to follow, with their shared love for music, open discussions about their physical relationship, and their excitement about starting a family together. Fans continue to look forward to seeing more moments from their journey and how they embrace their roles as parents.

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