Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan’s Sex Confession Shows Their Strength & Perseverance

• Larsa Pippen prefers to make love multiple times in one night, which she recently boasted about to her Bravo castmates.
• Marcus Jordan confirmed and boasted about the frequency of their sex life.
• Larsa and Marcus plan on getting engaged in less than a year.

Here is what happened:

The article discusses an interview with Larsa Pippen, who shared intimate details of her sex life. She revealed that she prefers to make love multiple times in one night, and boasted about having sex about five times a night with her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, the son of basketball legend Michael Jordan. Marcus confirmed her claim about the frequency of their lovemaking and added that the number is actually “way more.” Furthermore, he shared that Larsa’s favorite sexual position is “doggie style,” and confirmed that her butt is his favorite part of her body.

In addition to these personal details, the article also touches on their future plans, with Larsa and Marcus planning to get engaged in less than a year. Marcus teased that they have been shopping for engagement rings and are heading in that direction.

The article also provides a glimpse into the beginning of Larsa and Marcus’ relationship, along with a timeline of their romance, disclosing various details and appearances that they have made together.

Finally, the article concludes with a call to action to check out Peacock, NBCU’s streaming service.

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