Liam Payne’s Ex Maya Henry Reveals Feeling Pressured Into Abortion in Former Relationship

• Maya Henry opens up about feeling pressured into having an abortion by a former partner, leading to medical complications
• Henry’s new novel, Looking Forward, is inspired by true events in her personal life, focusing on a model’s relationship with a British pop star
• The novel explores the disconnect between men’s perspective on abortion and the actual feelings and experiences of women going through the process, reflecting Henry’s own journey

Here is what happened:

Maya Henry revealed some painful experiences she went through in an interview two years after breaking up with her ex-fiancé, Liam Payne. She shared that she felt pressured into having an abortion by a former partner, stating, “If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have done it.” Despite the difficult decision, she mentioned that she would have risked losing the person she loved if she made a different choice. Looking back, she acknowledged that things happen for a reason and expressed her feelings about the situation.

Henry’s candid confession coincides with the upcoming release of her novel, “Looking Forward,” which she clarified is a work of fiction inspired by real events from her personal life. The protagonist in the book faces a similar situation of choosing to undergo an abortion after her boyfriend threatens to end their relationship if she doesn’t. The storyline depicts the repercussions of the abortion, including medical complications that lead the character to seek treatment at a hospital due to hemorrhaging.

Reflecting on her real-life experience, Henry explained that she faced loneliness and misinformation from men who downplayed the pain and discomfort associated with the abortion process. She expressed disbelief at how some individuals could confidently dictate how a woman would feel during such a significant event in her life. Drawing from her own struggles, Henry incorporated these themes into her novel to shed light on the disconnect between men’s perceptions and women’s actual emotional and physical experiences during such situations.

The novelist, who drew inspiration from personal journals during the 2020 pandemic, publicly dated Payne in 2019 and got engaged to him the following year before they broke up in May 2022. Despite the public nature of their relationship, Payne’s representative did not respond to requests for comment. E! News has reached out for additional details but has not received a response at this time.

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