Lisa Kudrow Tells Ex Conan O’Brien “You’re No One” before His Late-Night Launch

• Lisa Kudrow supported Conan O’Brien ahead of his Late Night hosting debut in 1993
• O’Brien went on to host Late Night, then The Tonight Show and ended with Conan after 11 years
• Celebrities share relationships in Hollywood, showcasing that even famous pairs have their ups and downs

Here is what happened:

The main content section of the article describes Lisa Kudrow’s support for Conan O’Brien amidst his podcast host and debut as a late-night show host. Kudrow revealed that she supported O’Brien, a friend of hers, ahead of his hosting debut in 1993. She mentioned that she knew he was trying to replace David Letterman, and she was initially convinced that no one could replace him. However, she was encouraged by O’Brien’s unrecognizability and his comedic wit.

Conan O’Brien’s career is detailed, from hosting “Late Night” for 16 years to transitioning to “The Tonight Show” briefly before ultimately moving to TBS to host “Conan” for 11 years. The late-night host shared his gratitude for doing what he loved with people he loved during his last episode of “Conan.”

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