Love in Action: Movie Couples That Go Through Crazy Adventures

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There’s something fun about watching movie couples get up to all sorts of adventures and hijinks. Moviegoers agree, as nearly every single movie with a couple has them going through some drama that affects their relationship. The most interesting pull for these movies is how the chemistry between the characters affects the adventure,

Whether the characters can’t stand one another, can’t keep their hands off of one another, or have tension so thick you could carve it with a chainsaw, that’s what makes these movies fun. The couple drama is just icing on the cake for a lot of wonderful movies, including all of these!

“What Happens in Vegas”: About a Big Slots Win

Written by Dana Fox and directed by Tom Vaughan, this 2008 romantic comedy movie turned a lot of romance tropes on their heads. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz, what was marketed as a movie about a drunken night in Vegas turned into a comedy of errors when it was released. And while the critics panned it, it made $219.4 million worldwide at the box office!

In the movie, Joy Ellis McNally (Cameron Diaz) and Jack Fuller Jr. (Ashton Kutcher), both decide to take a trip to Vegas in order to overcome setbacks in their lives. However, after a drunken night gets them married, Jack decides to try a lucky quarter in the slot machine and wins a three million dollar jackpot. Unable to get divorced and split the money until they coexist for six months, the pair is forced to work on their marriage, while also attempting to avoid the various troubles that money brings.

While a quarter might not get you 3 million dollars, the slots are still a very popular game in casinos. They are played in both physical forms as well as online, and there are several fantastic variants on digital platforms. This type of movie now gets even more attention amid the growing number of gaming platforms where people play slots for real money or just for fun, so movies like What Happens in Vegas have a high topicality among viewers and in the world of slot games!

“Mr. and Mrs.Smith”: Can Love Survive Bullets?

Released in 2005 and directed by Doug Liman, “Mr. And Mrs. Smith” stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It was the movie that started their real-life romance, so you know the chemistry is on point! It grossed an impressive $487.3 million worldwide.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play bored middle-class workers who have a marriage on the rocks. The fun twist is that they are both trained assassins and they have both been keeping it a secret from each other throughout their marriage. 

After they are both assigned the same target to kill and then later assigned to kill one another, they are forced to question whether their jobs or love is stronger.

Something interesting about the movie is that it went over its budget by 28 million dollars. This forced Doug Liman to use money from his own pocket to complete the film. He actually built a set in his mother’s garage and then blew it up with a grenade when production was finished.

“A Quiet Place”: Soundless Love

Directed by and starring John Krasinski as well as Emily Blunt, the pair are married in real life which means that the chemistry between the two is real! A Quiet Place has spawned a small empire, with various sequels and spin-offs both produced and in the works. 

The film centers around a suburban family attempting to survive a post-apocalyptic world. Blind monsters with a stronger sense of hearing have taken over the world. They are armored, fast, and strong. 

The family is forced to work and communicate in silence, but when Evelyn Abbot (Blunt) is pregnant and makes noise, the family must survive against the creatures who move to hunt them.

It’s a scary and interesting movie, and the sequel has opened up a lot of new paths for how this world will go!

“The Lost City”: The Wonderful Will They, Won’t They

Starring Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock, this movie captures one of the key high points of a movie couple. The constant will they, won’t they, and the bickering that eventually leads to true love. Directed by the Nee Brothers, the movie premiered in 2022.

Lorretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) goes on a book tour for her latest romance novel with the cover model for her main character’s love interest Alan Caprison (Channing Tatum.) However, a lost city and its treasure are found to be the basis for her books. Lorretta is kidnapped by a billionaire seeking the treasure and Alan must step up and save her.

Both characters have a constant ‘will they, won’t they’ as they bicker and attempt to get through the jungle. That comedy and chemistry are what make the film worth a watch!

Love Doesn’t Need To Be Boring

Regardless of the genre, having movie couples going through all sorts of crazy situations can really make a movie! Watch these movies and root for the couples as they attempt to find true love at the end of it all.

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