Love Is Blind’s Shake Reacts to Deepti’s Massive Influencer Success

• Abhiskek “Shake” Chatterjee is happy for his ex-fiancée Deepti Vempati’s success as an influencer and holds no bitterness towards her.
• Shake has found a new career in real estate originating mortgage loans after networking with fans from the show Love Is Blind.
• Shake and Deepti are not on good terms and Shake is no longer seeking an apology from her after their contentious breakup.

Here is what happened:

In a recent interview with E! News, Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, star of the upcoming E! series House of Villains, expressed his support for his ex-fiancée Deepti Vempati’s success as an influencer. Despite their rocky past and the financial disparity between them after their breakup, Shake stated that he is happy for Deepti and acknowledges that they are different types of people when it comes to promoting products on social media. While Deepti has made half a million dollars as an influencer, Shake has found a new career path in real estate as a licensed loan officer, thanks to a fan named Mama Jen who mentored him.

Although Shake and Deepti are not on good terms after their contentious breakup and the media battles that followed, Shake shared that he has moved on from his anger and animosity. He expressed his pride in Deepti’s success and the realization that her achievements no longer come at his expense. While he no longer expects an apology from her for leaving him at the altar, he acknowledges that they are both responsible for their actions and that they are both guilty in their own ways.

In addition to Shake’s story, the article also provides updates on other Love Is Blind couples. Marshall Glaze, who was engaged to Jackie Bonds on the show, revealed that he attempted to start a relationship with Kacia Clark, another castmate. However, he ultimately decided to distance himself from the show’s experience and focus on healing from his previous relationship. Jackie and Josh Demas, who ignited controversy when they started dating before Jackie officially broke up with Marshall, have been together since the show ended and recently moved in together. Paul Peden, who initially proposed to Micah Lussier but said no at the altar, revealed that he had a connection with Wendi Kong, another Love Is Blind participant. However, their relationship didn’t work out due to their similarities. Lastly, Kyle Abrams, who was previously engaged to Deepti, announced his engagement to Tania Leanos, while Shayne Jansen’s attempt to rekindle a relationship with Natalie Lee fell apart due to flirtatious messages between him and Shaina Hurley.

Overall, the article highlights the success, career changes, and personal relationships of various Love Is Blind contestants and provides updates on their lives after the show’s conclusion.

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