Macaulay Culkin & Kieran Culkin will reunite onscreen with their three other brothers

• Kieran Culkin will star alongside his brothers Macaulay, Rory, Christian, and Shane in the upcoming animated series “The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy”
• The Culkin siblings share that they will collaborate in this new series, and have previously worked together in some of Macaulay’s well-known films
• The Culkins have been open about the difficulties they faced growing up in Hollywood, with a difficult childhood and dealing with fame

Here is what happened:

A Culkin family reunion is headed to the small screen. Kieran Culkin’s real-life brothers Macaulay Culkin, Rory Culkin, Christian Culkin, and Shane Culkin will play his brothers in his upcoming animated series, The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy.

In the sixth episode of the Prime Video cartoon about alien doctors, which debuts Feb. 23, the Culkin brothers join in to celebrate a holiday– and reveal they are perhaps a little too close. “We share everything,” one of the brother’s characters explains in a clip posted by Entertainment Weekly, “even digestive salivas.”

The Culkin siblings even seemingly poked fun at their famously difficult childhood, with another brother saying a board game will “bring our happy childhood into our happy adulthood.” While the animated series marks the first time all five brothers are collaborating, they aren’t strangers to working together. Most notably, Kieran, 41, starred alongside Macaulay, 43, in the Home Alone movies, while Rory, 34, played younger versions of Macaulay in Richie Rich and Kiernan in Iggy Goes Down.

The show marks a return to acting for Christian, 37, and Shane, 48, who have mostly stayed out of the public eye over the years. Each of them have only claimed one acting credit: Christian in the 1994 film My Summer Story and Shane in the 1998 Broadway revival of Our Town.

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