Man Behind Viral Dress Debate Pleads Guilty to Attacking His Wife

• Kier Johnston, known for sharing viral photo of mother-in-law’s dress, arrested and pleads guilty to attacking wife
• During March 2022 attack, Kier repeatedly placed his hands around wife’s neck, threatened to kill her with a knife
• Grace called for help, saying “My husband is trying to kill me” after dispute over job interview on mainland led to violent assault, Kier remains in custody awaiting sentencing

Here is what happened:

The story of Kier Johnston, the man behind the viral dress debate, took a dark turn seven years after he shared the now-famous picture. According to reports, he was arrested and pleaded guilty to attacking his wife, Grace Johnston. During the March 2022 attack, court documents revealed that Kier repeatedly placed his hands around his wife’s neck and threatened to kill her while brandishing a knife.

The incident allegedly occurred after Grace went against Kier’s wishes and attended a job interview on the mainland. The attack took place a few days later, following a drinking session. Grace called for help, stating, “My husband is trying to kill me,” as she fought for her life. The High Court in Glasgow conducted a hearing, where it was disclosed that Kier had made threatening remarks, saying, “Someone is going to die.”

Kier is currently in custody awaiting his sentencing on June 6 after accepting responsibility for the assault. His lawyer, Marco Guarino, acknowledged the seriousness of the offense. Judge Lady Drummond emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating that Kier’s conviction for such a serious crime has changed his status. She remarked on the terrifying circumstances Grace faced and the danger he put her life in, ensuring that he remains detained until further legal proceedings.

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