Mary-Kate, Ashley, & Elizabeth Olsen show their passports to Paris with a rare outing

• Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were spotted with their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen and brother-in-law Robbie Arnett in Paris
• The Olsen twins debuted their luxury apparel label The Row’s Fall 2024/Winter 2025 collection at Paris Fashion Week
• The Olsens have remained out of the spotlight and do not engage with social media, reflecting their preference for discretion in their personal lives and fashion sense

Here is what happened:

The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, were recently spotted out for dinner with their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen and her husband Robbie Arnett. The group enjoyed a meal at Caviar Kaspia in Paris and were seen bundled up as they left the restaurant, with Elizabeth sweetly holding onto her husband’s hand. The Olsen twins, known for their signature all-black ensembles, were dressed in their usual attire, with Mary-Kate wearing a headscarf and Ashley sporting an oversized floral scarf that she removed once inside the car. Meanwhile, Elizabeth opted for a more casual look with a brown corduroy jacket, dark pants, colorful striped scarf, and black loafers.

The rare sighting of the Olsen family came shortly after Mary-Kate and Ashley, who have largely withdrawn from the public eye since transitioning from acting to fashion, debuted their luxury apparel label The Row’s Fall 2024/Winter 2025 collection at Paris Fashion Week. The former child stars requested that no phones or cameras be present at the runway show, in keeping with their discreet and private nature. Despite their absence from social media, the twins have managed to maintain a successful career in the fashion industry while staying out of the spotlight.

In a previous interview, Ashley explained their decision to avoid social media, stating, “We don’t dive into that world. We don’t have Instagram or Facebook.” The twins have maintained a sense of privacy throughout their lives, keeping major milestones, such as Ashley’s first baby with husband Louis Eisner last year, under wraps. Mary-Kate noted in a 2021 interview that they were raised to be discreet individuals, a mindset that has influenced not only their personal lives but also their fashion choices. Despite their preference for privacy, Ashley added that they still appreciate ornate and maximal designs in their work.

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