Matthew Perry reportedly remained drug-free for 19 months before passing away

• Matthew Perry died due to the acute effects of ketamine, in an accident listed as drug and drowning related, along with contributing factors of other health issues
• Perry had been clean from drugs for 19 months before his death, according to a witness
• Perry’s friends, family, and co-stars paid tribute to him and mourned his loss

Here is what happened:

New details about the death of Matthew Perry following the report of the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner have come to light. Perry, who was found unresponsive in his hot tub, passed away from acute effects of ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic. His death has been ruled an accident, related to drug and drowning. Other factors contributing to his death were the presence of coronary artery disease and the effects of buprenorphine. It is noted that Perry was clean for 19 months prior to his death and had a history of diabetes and emphysema. Perry was on ketamine infusion therapy to help with anxiety and depression, but the ketamine in his system could not be from the infusion therapy. The autopsy revealed high levels of ketamine in his blood.

The report explains that ketamine levels were within the range of anesthesia administered in monitored surgical procedures and that the lethal effects of such high ketamine levels would include cardiovascular overstimulation and respiratory depression. Drowning contributed to the death, as it is likely that Perry submerged into the pool as he lapsed into unconsciousness. Perry had been clean for 19 months and had been candid about his battle with addiction, spending more than $7 million trying to get clean. Candid about his sobriety journey, he had vowed to help others struggling with the same issue. Perry was praised by those who had worked with him, with Bradley Whitford remarking that Perry was full of contradictions and that his battle with addiction was heroic.

Adele took a moment during her October 28th concert in Las Vegas to pay tribute to Perry, recalling his character Chandler in Friends, and how it brought laughter into her life. Many others who have worked with Perry came forward with tributes to the actor, sharing heartfelt messages about how much he will be missed.

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