Megan Fox reveals past ectopic pregnancy before miscarriage with her & Machine Gun Kelly’s baby

• Megan Fox opens up about suffering a miscarriage in her newly-released book of poetry
• She details that her experience was “much harder” than anticipated, after suffering a previous pregnancy loss
• Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have turned to creative outlets to help with their healing process, with MGK writing songs about the miscarriage

Here is what happened:

Megan Fox has revealed heartbreaking details about her experiences with pregnancy loss in her recently released book of poetry, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. She opened up about suffering a miscarriage while pregnant with her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly’s baby. The actress shared that the experience was much harder than she anticipated, especially as it came years after she suffered a previous pregnancy loss. Megan reflected on the challenging ordeal, stating, “I’ve really analyzed ‘why was that? Why was that so difficult for me? Because when I was younger, I had an ectopic pregnancy. I’ve had other things that I’m not going to say because God forbid the world will be in an uproar.”

The actress also discussed the love element that made the miscarriage particularly tragic for her, as she was with someone who she was deeply in love with. Megan and Machine Gun Kelly have both turned to their creative outlets to help with their healing process. The musician even incorporated their experiences into his music, as he wrote songs about the miscarriage.

During a performance at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, Machine Gun Kelly announced that he wrote the song “Twin Flame” for his “wife” Megan, dedicating the performance to their unborn child. Megan showed her support for her fiancé’s vulnerability, posting a message on Instagram praising his emotional performance. The couple has found ways to express and process their grief and suffering together, turning to each other during this difficult time.

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