Megan Thee Stallion Accused of Coercing Cameraman to Witness Intimate Encounter with Another Woman

• Megan Thee Stallion is facing legal troubles as a former cameraman is suing her for harassment and a hostile work environment
• The cameraman, Emilio Garcia, alleges that Megan engaged in inappropriate behavior and fat-shaming, leading to emotional distress and job termination
• Emilio is seeking unpaid wages, interest, restitution, punitive damages, and attorney fees in his lawsuit against Megan Thee Stallion

Here is what happened:

Megan Thee Stallion is facing legal troubles as a former cameraman has filed a lawsuit against the “Hot Girl Summer” singer alleging harassment and a hostile work environment. The lawsuit claims that during a trip in Ibiza, Spain in June 2022, the cameraman, Emilio Garcia, was in an SUV with Megan when she and another woman started having sex next to him. The lawsuit further alleges that Megan instructed him not to discuss what he saw and proceeded to shame him, calling him derogatory names and criticizing his appearance.

Emilio Garcia, who had been working with Megan since 2018, stated in the lawsuit that he was forced to take on numerous duties and work long hours under the singer’s close scrutiny. He claims to have endured relentless sexual and fat-shaming comments from Megan during his time as her cameraman. Additionally, the lawsuit asserts that the harassment created a hostile work environment for Emilio, leading to substantial losses in earnings, emotional distress, and physical sickness.

Emilio’s lawsuit against Megan aims to shed light on the challenges of working in the entertainment industry, particularly in situations where there is no HR department to address workplace issues. His attorney, Ron Zambrano, emphasized the need for Megan to take responsibility for her behavior, cease the alleged harassment, and compensate Emilio for unpaid wages, punitive damages, and legal fees. Emilio is seeking restitution for the mistreatment he endured while working with the singer.

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