Michael Jackson’s Kids Prince, Paris, & Bigi “Blanket” Make Rare Joint Red Carpet Appearance

• Michael Jackson’s children Prince, Paris, and Bigi “Blanket” Jackson reunited for a rare appearance together on the red carpet for opening night of MJ: The Musical in London
• Prince wore a black suit with a burgundy button-down, Paris wore a rust-colored dress, and Bigi wore a classic black-and-white suit
• Bigi recently won Best Drama at the Santa Monica Film Festival for his directorial and screenwriting debut, and the siblings have shown each other plenty of love over the years

Here is what happened:

The Jackson Five Three came together for a rare appearance on the red carpet for the opening night of “MJ: The Musical”. Michael Jackson’s children – Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson, and Bigi “Blanket” Jackson – were all dressed to impress at the March 27 event at London’s Prince Edward Theatre. Prince, the eldest at 27, paired his black suit with a burgundy button-down, while Paris wore a gorgeous off-the-shoulder rust-colored dress. Bigi, the youngest at 22, looked classic in a black-and-white suit with his long, dark hair tucked behind his ears.

This marked the first time all three siblings were seen together on a red carpet since 2022, when they appeared at the New York premiere of “MJ: The Musical”. Despite their rare public appearances together, the siblings have shown a lot of love for each other over the years. Prince, in particular, expressed his support for Bigi by celebrating his successes, including winning Best Drama at the Santa Monica Film Festival for his directorial and screenwriting debut, “Rochelles”.

Paris Jackson has also spoken warmly about her siblings, feeling a strong bond with them as they grew up together. She mentioned in a 2022 interview that she and Prince were raised like twins, having gone through school with the same teacher each year. Paris believes that they have a special connection due to their close age and shared experiences. The Jackson siblings continue to support and celebrate each other’s achievements, showing that family always comes first for them.

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