Millie Bobby Brown’s Stranger Things Season 5 Premiere Update: Get Ready to Turn Your Smile Upside Down

• Millie Bobby Brown reveals that season five of Stranger Things has nine months left of filming
• The release date for season five is pushed to mid-2025 at the earliest due to post-production
• Millie assures fans that she has read up to episode six of the scripts and reveals there will be eight episodes in the final season

Here is what happened:

Millie Bobby Brown, known for her role in “Stranger Things,” revealed that the final season of the show is still in production and fans will have to wait at least another six months before it premieres. She shared this update during an appearance on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” stating that there are nine months left of filming. Despite the long wait, Brown teased that the upcoming season will have eight episodes and she already knows what happens to her character, Eleven. This news might disappoint fans who have been eagerly waiting for the show, but Brown’s insights into the new season are sure to pique curiosity.

In addition to updates on “Stranger Things,” Brown also mentioned that she has not read the script for the final season beyond episode six as the scripts are still being written. She emphasized her loyalty to Netflix and the show’s creators by keeping tight-lipped about any potential spoilers. Brown expressed her appreciation for Netflix and her desire to continue working with the streaming platform for a long time, hinting at her commitment to maintaining the element of surprise for fans eagerly anticipating the new season.

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