Modern Family alum Ariel Winter responses to claim boyfriend Luke Benward is controlling

• Ariel Winter filmed a cooking video with her boyfriend Luke Benward, showcasing his roles as a grill daddy, dog daddy, and cheese daddy in their household
• Ariel shut down speculation that Luke is controlling, jokingly claiming he was forcing her onto OnlyFans and not letting her out of the house
• The couple shares their love for their six dogs, frequently posting photos and videos of their furry family members on social media, highlighting Luke’s dog dad skills and their care for their pets

Here is what happened:

Ariel Winter shared a glimpse into her relationship with her boyfriend Luke Benward while filming a cooking video together. In the video, Ariel referred to Luke as a “grill daddy, dog daddy, and cheese daddy” as he helped with preparing a stuffed peppers recipe. The Modern Family alum highlighted the various roles Luke plays around the house, showcasing their collaborative and loving dynamic.

Responding to a comment accusing Luke of being controlling, Ariel humorously quipped that he was forcing her onto OnlyFans to be her manager and not letting her out of the house. She playfully reassured her fans that Luke is a great man and that if he wasn’t, their dogs would take care of the situation. Through lighthearted banter, Ariel debunked the rumors and emphasized the strong bond she shares with Luke.

Since making their relationship public, Ariel and Luke have kept things relatively low-key, except when it comes to showcasing their love for their six dogs. The couple has shared moments of pampering their furry friends, including buying special Easter baskets for each dog and dressing them up on a rainy day in California. Their social media posts reflect their shared love for animals and their commitment to caring for their pets as part of their happy family dynamic.

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