NFL-Themed Puppy Bowls, Toys, Bandanas, & More for the Big Football Game

• A big football game is coming up, and there are plenty of NFL-themed goodies for dogs
• These include bandanas, jerseys, chew toys, collars and leashes, and personalized water bowls
• Prices are accurate as of the publication time and products may be purchased through affiliate links at major retailers

Here is what happened:

The original text is a series of descriptions and links to various NFL-themed products for dogs, as well as other related products. This text promotes products such as fleece blankets, mesh jerseys, reversible bandanas, chew toys, dog collars, leashes, and themed water bowls for dogs, as well as other toys and pet accessories. It also contains a link to an article about the Samsung Freestyle Projector and encourages readers to sign up for E! Insider Shop to get updates on sales and must-have products. For the specific product details and pricing, please refer to the original text.

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