Opinion of Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne on Kelly Osbourne Changing Son Sidney’s Last Name

• Kelly Osbourne changed her son’s last name to include “Osbourne” after a disagreement with partner Sid Wilson
• Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne supported Kelly’s decision and applauded her for wanting their son to have both their last names
• Kelly revealed that Sid agreed to legally change their son’s name to include both of their last names after a big fight and seeking couples therapy, while her parents support her choice and disagree with the tradition of children taking only their father’s last name.

Here is what happened:

Kelly Osbourne has made the decision to change her son’s last name, much to the approval of her parents, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. The change came after a disagreement with her partner, Sid Wilson, regarding their 15-month-old son Sidney’s surname. Kelly expressed her desire for their son to have both of their last names, leading to a significant dispute with Sid. This disagreement prompted them to seek couples therapy, ultimately resulting in a resolution to legally change their son’s name to include both last names.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne supported Kelly’s decision, with Ozzy noting the importance of the child having both parents’ last names. Sharon criticized the practice of giving children their father’s first name, calling it antiquated and advocating for equality in the naming process. Despite the family connection, Sharon pointed out that a child is an individual and should not be labeled as a “third” or associated with previous generations.

In reflecting on their own naming decisions, Sharon and Ozzy shared that they chose their son Jack Osbourne’s name as a nod to Ozzy’s real name, John Osbourne. They emphasized that their son embodies the name Jack and stands as his own individual. Kelly’s candid takes on parenthood shed light on her experiences of motherhood, including challenges with gestational diabetes, the pressure to lose baby weight, and the joy of celebrating significant milestones like her son Sidney’s first year and her own sobriety journey.

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