Oprah Winfrey defends Drew Barrymore from criticism over interview behavior

• Oprah Winfrey defended Drew Barrymore after fans noted her continuous physical contact during an interview
• Some fans appreciated Drew’s hands-on approach, while others felt she was overstepping boundaries
• Drew’s dynamic with guests has been a joke among some fans online, with some guests feeling a close connection with her due to her interview style

Here is what happened:

Oprah Winfrey is standing by Drew Barrymore. The legendary talk show host defended Drew after fans noted how the Never Been Kissed star continuously caressed Oprah during her Dec. 12 appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show. “I was not uncomfortable at all,” Oprah told TMZ after the episode aired. “I’ve never seen her do that, but I thought it was endearing.”

Drew, who is known to get close and personal during her interviews, also interlaced her fingers with the OWN founder’s while holding hands during the segment. Some fans appreciated that Drew quite literally takes a hands-on approach, with one user on YouTube writing under the interview, “I loved the way she is holding Oprah’s hand like a security blanket as she seeks confirmation.”

Others, however, believed the 48-year-old was overstepping Oprah’s boundaries. As one fan on Instagram put it, “Drew, everyone doesn’t want their hands held boo.” The 68-year-old settled the debate by sharing her perspective on the hand-holding.

“I was actually comforted by the stroking of the arm,” Oprah explained, adding that she even joked to longtime partner Stedman Graham when she got home,”‘You got to stroke my arm. Stedman, I need to be stroked on the arm.'”
She also made sure to show the Santa Clarita Diet alum some extra love. “I thought it was really great,” she added. “Drew is terrific, and I love that she is always herself.”

Drew’s dynamic with guests has been a joke among some fans online. In fact, longtime pal Jimmy Fallon called her out for her interview technique when she appeared on The Tonight Show in April, showing the Ever After star a photo from her interview with Chloe Bailey. After he noted, “You can’t sit in your chair. You get in there,” Drew responded by admitting, “I feel this magnetic pull.”

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