Pitch Perfect 4 development update by Rebel Wilson

• Rebel Wilson shares update on future of Pitch Perfect franchise in BBC Radio 2 interview
• A fourth Pitch Perfect movie is in development, but storyline is still being worked on
• Wilson looks back fondly on her experience making the movies and expresses excitement for what’s to come

Here is what happened:

Rebel Wilson recently shared some exciting news about the possibility of a fourth installment in the “Pitch Perfect” movie franchise. In an interview with BBC Radio 2, the actress, known for her role as Patricia “Fat Amy” Hobart in the series, mentioned that there is a fourth movie in development. She expressed her hope for the project to come to fruition, despite the challenge of figuring out the right storyline now that the cast is older. Rebel fondly reminisced about her time shooting the previous films with co-stars Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Anna Camp, highlighting the joy and friendship they shared on set.

Rebel and Anna Camp have also reunited for a different film called “Bride Hard,” teasing fans with a video suggesting the filming of “Pitch Perfect 4.” Their playful banter and humor in the video hint at the potential for another fun and entertaining installment in the beloved movie series. Rebel’s enthusiastic affirmation that the reunion will be “aca-awesome” has sparked excitement among fans of the franchise, eagerly anticipating more harmonious music and comedic performances from the star-studded cast.

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