Prediction of a Huge Fallout From the Ozempic Craze by Jillian Michaels

• Jillian Michaels has concerns about the injectable medication Ozempic, listing potential side effects like thyroid tumors, gallbladder problems, pancreatitis, kidney issues, and vision loss among others
• She believes that taking Ozempic is not the easy way out and does not see a clear path for getting off the drug, as patients often gain back weight and experience significant muscle loss
• Michaels recommends a return to the basics of eating less and moving more, and emphasized that her way of doing things, though slower, is safer than taking Ozempic.

Here is what happened:

The content discusses the cautionary words of fitness expert Jillian Michaels regarding the injectable medication Ozempic, originally marketed for treating Type 2 diabetes. She expressed concerns about the drug, listing potential side effects, including thyroid tumors, gallbladder problems, pancreatitis, kidney issues, vision loss, and stomach problems. Michaels also mentioned a class-action lawsuit for stomach paralysis related to the drug.

She highlighted that any medical treatment, including vaccines or antibiotics, carries potential side effects. Her advice is to focus on a return to the basics of health and weight control, encouraging a balanced diet and regular exercise as a more sustainable option. Michaels emphasizes the importance of creating a calorie deficit to achieve weight loss, suggesting that it’s not easy but simple, with the goal of losing roughly a pound each week.

The content quotes other celebrities who have weighed in on the Ozempic craze, including Raven-Symoné, Sharon Osbourne, Heidi Montag, and others. Their comments and experiences with Ozempic are discussed, offering a range of perspectives on the drug’s effects.

The text also includes statements from other sources such as Dr. Drew Pinsky, Jessica Simpson, and Gracie McGraw, providing a variety of viewpoints on the topic of Ozempic and its impact on weight loss and overall health.

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