Priscilla Presley’s Son Navarone Garcia Talks About His Addiction Struggles

• Navarone Garcia shared his journey of overcoming addiction, starting with drug use as a teenager
• He struggled with heroin addiction and eventually reached a point where he was using drugs 40 times a day
• With the support of his mother, Priscilla Presley, he was able to make a change and focus on his music career, hoping to inspire others struggling with addiction

Here is what happened:

Navarone Garcia, the son of Priscilla Presley and Marco Garibaldi, recently opened up about his journey to sobriety. He disclosed that his struggles with addiction began at a young age, starting with experimenting with drugs in high school. He candidly shared that by the time he was 16 or 17, he had tried a variety of substances, leading to a downward spiral that eventually included heroin use.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Navarone revealed that his relationship with heroin took a turn in 2015 when he started noticing significant changes. His withdrawals from the drug were intense, and at one point, he found himself using drugs up to 40 times a day. The toll on his body became intolerable, prompting him to seek a change and start his journey towards sobriety.

Despite trying to shield his struggles from his mother, Priscilla Presley, Navarone acknowledged that she was there for him every step of the way. He described the difficulty of watching a loved one struggle with addiction, emphasizing the support and understanding he received from his mother throughout his recovery process. Navarone is now focused on his music career and is working on a memoir to inspire and uplift others who may be grappling with addiction. He aims to spread a message of support and positivity to those facing similar challenges.

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